134-IS-180 Integrated Inverter Screw Compressor

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RefComp 134- I Series compressors have a totally new design, use variable frequency converter to control capacity, and are exclusively for R134a. Themain characteristics include the integration of variable frequency converter and the compressor, the converter cooled by therefrigerant liquid, compact insizes and easy and reliable in application. Compared to other models exclusively designed for R134a, this series of compressors have higher actual efficiencyand higher applicability. Frequency ranges 30Hz- 70Hz, and 26 models are included.Proprietary automatic adjustment technology applied in the compressorscan ensure the compressors to achieve the optimized efficiency in the wide and changed operating conditions, rendering the high overall efficiency .

Product features
Variable frequency screw compressor specifically designed for R134a.
Filter, cut- off valve, temperature sensor and frequency converterare all integrated into one, resulting in the compact structure.
Variable frequency motor: high power factor, low current, andlow copper loss on the rotor.
Cooling capacity is adjusted according to full or partial load.variable frequency converter is applied to control the capacity.The max. Efficiency is guaranteed in various operating conditions.
Compared to the traditional compressors, ESEER is improved 26%at least, with the combination of new Vi adjustment technology andvariable frequency conversion technology.

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