Plate Ice Evaporator

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Product feature: 
Stainless steel one plate with two ice freezing surface , full production
The ice thickness 3-20mm adjustable , and fulfill to the different application
Special fow type plate design, compared with smiliar product , the refrigeration efficient is higher and more energy save.
Adapt hot refrigerant gas for ice doffing , ice doffing faster and without secondary pollution.
The evaporator is open type design, the freezing plate surface , water spray span, water channel is easy to clean.
The part contact with ice is stainless steel , it fully conforms to the certification requirement of HACCP.
The product specification series is complete , the max daily capacity is 30T,  can freely Collocation according to different applications
Can be applied to all kinds of refrigerant system as required

The material is being collated,please look forward to……


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