SBC Piston Compressor

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RefComp SB Series includes 6 models. High-pressure displacement: 27.6- 51.5m3/h, Power: 12- 30HP, Applicability: R22,R404A and R507, Features: high efficiency, long durability, compact size and low vibration, etc.. The two- stage displacementis achieved through two consecutive compressions. In Stage I, the refrigerant gas from the evaporator is sucked from theinlet into the intermediate cavity. in Stage II, the refrigerant gas is sucked in from the intermediate cavity and is compressed tothe displacement pressure. Compared to the single- stage compressor, the compression ratio of each stage of the two-stagecompressor is always lower. as a result, the displacement temperature is lowered and efficiency is improved.
Product features
●Working pressure: up to 28bar.
●Reliable valve plate design: impact resistant spring steel is used to make the valve plate.
●Minimium space requirement, compact design, Easy maintenance.
●Low vibration and noise. Cylinder combination of “4+6”,optimized mass balance design renders quiet running.
●High cooling capacity and low energy consumption.
●High reliability actuator: a. the hardened surface of the eccentric shaft and crankshaft. b. large capacity oil pump. c. low friction bearing bush and aluminum piston. d. hard chrome plated piston ring.
●Installed subcooler (optional) can further improve the compression efficiency.

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