SP Piston Compressor

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RefComp Semi- hermetic piston compressors are widely used not only in commercial and industrial refrigeration, but alsoin certain special air conditioning conditions. RefComp SP Series compressors have a wide applicability, good in variousrefrigeration conditions. Despite the already mature and reliable technology in making piston compressors, RefComp stilldiligently researches and innovates to further improve the piston compressors’ performance such as quality and reliability.RefComp SP series include 34 models, with 2, 4, 6, 8 cylinders, rated power ranging from 3 to 70 HP.
Product features
●Operating pressure can reach as high as 28bar.
Filter, cut- off valve, temperature sensor are integrated into one,and the overall size of the compressor is small.
With the crankshaft (including balancing weight) designed byRefComp, the operation is smooth and with low- vibration.
High efficiency, high strength, low vibration, low gas pulsation and lownoise.
Cooling capacity can be controlled according to different loads.
Motor protection module.
The embedded safety valve joins the high pressure side and lowpressure side to prevent the internal pressure from exceedingthe safety threshold.
Unique structure design and spacing layout: motor is effectivelycooled down by using subcooled refrigerant gas between thesuction shut- off valve and the inlet of the piston.

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