SRSP1V-12 Semi-hermetic Single-stage Inverter Screw Compressor Unit

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SRS  Semi- hermetic Single- stage Screw CompressorUnits include 46 models.  Theoretical displacement of singlecompressor is 85- 500m3/h(3000RPM)  Semi-hermetic
Single- stage Screw Compressor is used, applicable forR717, R404A, R507A, R407F, wide application scenarios.
The  standard scope of supply: compressor, variablefrequency converter for  R717 (converters for otherrefrigerants are available), control center,  oil separator,economizer (based on the working conditions), oil  cooler,oil filter, suction filter, automation components, etc.

Merits of  Semi-hermetic Single-stage Inverter Screw Compressor Unit

Semi-hermetic screw compressor,integration of motor andcompressor, compact structure.
Low- temp units could be packagedwith EConomizer to improve COP.
Fully  automatic one- key start- up;real- time analysis and monitoringof the  operation status; savingand keeping of the historical dataremotely  control .
Highly intelligent control systemwith multiple preventive protectionmodules and intelligent failurewarning functions.
High capacity precision oil filter andsuction filter are both removable forcleaning, easy maintenance.
Four-  stage oil separation system,contributes to separation ratio ashigh as  99.9%. High efficiency oilcooler is installed, whose coolingmethod can  be chosen betweenwater- cooling and refringerantcooling.
All the components are from wellknown manufacturers: high reliabilityand guaranteed quality.
Each unit is tested and checked forits full performance to ensure thequality.

Refrigeration Capacity of SRSP1V Semi-hermetic Single-stage Inverter Screw Compressor Unit


Technical Data Sheet of SRSP1V Semi-Hermetic One-Stage Inverter Screw Compressor Unit



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