Open-type Two-stage Screw Compressor Unit(vertical)


SRM Open- type Two- stage Screw Compact Compressor Unit include 4 series totaling 12 models. Two consecutivecompressions are achieved through the two- stage compressor, which is especially applicable for the large compression ratioworking condition. The unit can be packaged with the variable frequency motor to improve the operation efficiency when theload changes. Applicable for R717, R404A, and R507A. The standard scope of supply: Compressor, open- type motor, controlcenter, oil separator, intercooler, oil cooler, high- capacity filter, pre-lubricating oil pump, automation components, etc.

Merits of Open-type Two-stage Screw Compressor Unit

SRM high- efficiency screw compressor: higher COP than thesame type of compressor units.
Open asynchronous motor with high efficiency and low noise;the permanent magnet synchronous variable frequency motoris also available for selection.
Differential- pressure oil supply system with a small oil pump aspre- lubricate: energy- saving and reliable.
Intercooler installed: make the high pressure liquid from thecondenser subcooled, thus improve COP of the system.
Fully automatic one- key start- up; real- time analysis andmonitoring of the operation status; saving and keeping of thehistorical data remotely control .
Automatic capacity control make the unit run with highefficiency under various working conditions.
The preventive safety and protection system: unmanned but safe and reliable.
All the components are from well- known manufacturers: highreliability and guaranteed quality.
Each unit is tested and checked for its full performance toensure the quality.

Cooling Capacity of the Unit


Technical Parameter List of Open-type Two-stage Screw Compressor Unit



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