Mobile Ammonia Refrigeration Station


Snowman Mobile Refrigeration Station gathers the major refrigeration equipments, e.g. compressor, condenser, liquid receiver,gas- liquid separator and electronic control components, into a standard container. Cooling tower or evaporative condenser is puton the top of the container. The container serves as the engine room of the refrigeration system. Professional design, reasonablelayout, less space and flexible installation. High cooling efficiency, solid performance, controlled capacity for low temp and superlow temp working conditions. As many as eight compressors can be parallel operated. Intelligent control, simple operation, smoothand safe running, applicable for medium and small logistic cold storage or large cold room that needs the expanded cold storage.

Merits of Mobile Ammonia Refrigeration Station

●World- leading SRM NH3 semi-hermetic screwcompressor.
Container as the bearer saves the work of themachine room design; easy moving, shortenedon-site installation period, and reduced cost.
Plate and shell heat exchanger and directexpansion system forms the refrigerationsystem that requires minimal NH3 charge. NH3can be reduced as much as 50- 80%, thusreducing the potential risk.
Three- in- one vessel (ags- liquid separator),which also functions as heat exchanger andimproves the cooling efficiency.
PLC automatic control and robust failurewarning warranty.
High efficiency oil separator, its efficiency ashigh as 99.9%.
The valves and accessories are from the worldfamous manufacturers, providing guaranteedprecision and reliability.
Factory assembled, central control, andguaranteed quality.



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