Nature CO2 Secondary Refrigerant Units

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Snowman has developed high performance and environment-friendly NH3/CO2 Secondary Units to meet the applicationrequirements of high temp refrigeration, low- temp refrigeration and quick freezing. NH3/CO2 units take CO2 as the secondaryrefrigerant and NH3 as the primary, forming the composite refrigeration system. This combination not only ensures environmentalsafeguarding but also solves the issue of high- charging amount of NH3 in the traditional systems, which is a safety hazard. Theseries includes the design of the automatic control, excellent energy efficiency, high integration, and reliable safety.

Merits of NATURE CO2 Secondary

World- leading SRM NH3 semi-hermetic screw compressor.
High- speed variable frequency permanent magnetsynchronous motor saves more energy than the routine motors.
Highly integrated plate and shell type heat exchanger:heat exchange and separation are one, high heattransfer efficiency, compact structure, fully closedstructure. High- pressure resistant, guaranteed safety.
Preventive safety warning system makes automaticoperation possible and reduces the number of on- sitemanagement personnel.
Module design reduces the design cost of the machineroom refrigeration; integral and distributive installationare available.
Minimal NH3 charge.
CO2 makes the system fully clean, free of refrigerantoil residue, heat transfer is much more efficient thanthe traditional systems of NH3 or freon, cooling is rapid,and there is no issue of cleaning the refrigeration oilresidue at the refrigeration end.
The valves and sensors are all from the global- knownbrand, high efficiency and reliable safety.




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