SW-L Screw Compressor Unit

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With the inheritance of compression technology from RefComp, Snowman introduces high- end RefComp compressor(condensing) units SW3L Series with power range of 30- 880HP. Per the request of the customers, the HP of the unit can be as high as 1320HP, including two options: water- cooled compressor(condensing) units and compressor units. The design and production of the units satisfy fully the actual requirement of industrial refrigeration. The design and layout of all the components maximize the reliability and maintainability for on-site operation. Components of the units: RefComp compressor, oil separator, (condenser), suction accumulator, economizer, liquid receiver, control center, etc..

Features of SW-L Screw Compressor Unit

Mechatronic integration structure,with small footprint,easy to operate and maintain;

●World-renowned compressor, with high cooling capacity;

●Special economizer,with higher operation efficiency and lower operating costs;

● Adaptable for a wide range of temperatures;

●Unique design of gas and liquid separation,greatly reducing the damage caused by liquid shocks due to strong fluctuation of loads.



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