Containerized Flake Ice Machine Unit FIP93 (93 T/D)

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Application fields
Concrete cooling
Dye chemistry
Aquatic product processing
Seafood fresh
Product features
High efficiency and energy saving
We have optimize the design of ice flake units to ensure the SNOWKEY internally-scraping ice flake units can function constantly without wasting energy.
Adopt a special kind of alloy material and patent processing technology to ensure efficient heat conductivity. Compared with other brands of units, SNOWKEY flake ice maker can produce more ice when the same compressor is used.
After long term test running and developed, SNOWKEY has the capability to manufacture high performance flake ice machine which can produce high quality flake ice and our flake ice machine keeps running 26000hrs constant operation without any disturbances and breakdown. So far, SNOWKEY products have been used for various fields around the world. 
Great adaptability and stable quality
SNOWKEY products can ensure good running and normal ice output at the environmental temperature of 5℃~40℃,and its specially-designed type can guarantee normal running even in the most unfavorable conditions(–30℃~-60℃)
SNOWKEY ice machine can be equipped inside the container, and within the container we also equip the air cooler to keep the stable constant temperature, avoiding affects from outside. Every parts are strictly inspected and tested before assembling. Offering our customers stable, reliable and durable ice machine is our eternal goal.
Simple maintenance and convenient moving
All of our machines are designed on the basis of modules, so its spot maintenance is quite simple. Once some of its parts needs replacing, it is easy for you to remove the old parts and install the new ones. Moreover while designing our machines, we always take into full account how to convenience future transfer to other site.
Outstanding electric control system
SNOWKEY ice machine adopted world top brand electric parts, such as: Siemens, Schneider to prolong the use lifetime, reduce the maintenance cost.
Specially designed control system can meet various of electric standards all over the world.

Design conditions:
Power supply requirements: International standard power supply.
Standard ice production conditions: water supply temperature 20℃,the highest temperature 60℃.
Applicable condition: water temperature 0~35℃,ambient temperature 5~60℃
Standard configuration of FIP
1, Outside is standard white 20/40 feet new container, inside is equipped with air conditioner, illumination and aluminum alloy floor;
2, Refrigeration compressor unit is semi-hermetic screw or piston compressor;
3,Evaporative condenser with double speed fan;
4, Flake ice evaporator with water tank and water pump;
5, Necessary refrigeration system control and protect components and refrigeration pipe line connection;
6, Necessary refrigeration system control and protect components, refrigeration line connection;
7, The interface with the ice storage for operation and alarm signal connection;
8, Electrical control components and electric box. Automatic control.
9, Factory test;
Parameter list:
Ice production: 93Tons/day
Ice output temperature:-8℃
Ice machine water supply quantity: 3.914Tons/hr
Necessary refrigeration capacity: 458.8kW
Installation power: 380.54kW
Running power: 306.64kW
Water consume:1324L/hr
Container type: 40HQ
(Because of technology innovation, there maybe changes, if it is necessary, please contact our sales)


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