Micro-channel Type Condensing Unit

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The microchannel condenser is a product that has always been pursuing low cost and high energy- efficiency in refrigeration field and is a compact size heat exchanger, which has the characteristics of high heat transfer coefficiency, small refrigerant charge, compact and high efficiency, corrosion resistance, and environmental noise reduction. Micro- channel condensing unit adopts Refcomp SP series piston compressors, and the horsepower ranges from 3- 12HP. The unit has many user-friendly designs such as air- evacuation port, sewage outlet and filling port for easy maintenance.

Features of Micro-channel Type Condensing Unit

Rich experience in refrigeration system of Snowman.
Italian Refcomp compressor by Snowman.
Well- known micro- channel condenser.
Perfect quality assurance system ranges from components to the whole machine.
Suitable for R404A, R507A, R22 and other refrigerants.
Medium temperature, low temperature two working conditions for option.
Mechatronics structure, small footprint, simple operation and maintenance.
The unique design of gas- liquid separation greatly buffers the damage caused by violent fluctuations in the load.
Compressor comes with protection module.
User- defined control scheme.
Schneider, ABB, Omron and other international brand master control components, quality assurance, stable and reliable.
Short circuit, overload and other protections to ensure equipment safety.
Multi- panel indicators, the unit status information at a glance.
Local/remote start/stop control function, DCS monitoring contacts reserved, with various methods.



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