Open-type Screw Brine


On the basis of SRMTEC open- type screw compressor, Snowman optimized its design, introducing open- type screw water chiller series.The refrigeration solutions under high- temp, med temp and low- temp working conditions are thus provided. With its easy operation andsafe and reliable running, the series can be applied in various scenarios such as industries in petroleum, chemical engineering, coal,medicine, fishery, commerce, food, scientific research, etc., where artificial refrigeration is needed. We are committed to providing thecustomers with the most economic, energy- saving, safe and high efficiency water chiller. The standard scope of supply: SRM open- typescrew compressor, oil separator, oil cooler, evaporator, condenser, metering device, oil pump, oil filter, dry filter, valves, etc.


●Snowman’s rich experience in refrigeration system designand development.
●Abopt SRMTEC compressor, sub- brand Snowman.
●Optimized structure design, module design, high integration,compact structure, easy installation and maintenance.
●Components and accessories are used from famous brands,rendering reliable quality.
●Multiple refrigerants.
●Stepless (10%- 100%) capacity control: high- efficiencyoperation in various working conditions.
●Wide applications for high, medium, low temp workingconditions with wide cooling capacity.
●The evaporative, water- cooling, and air- cooling condensersare available to meet the different requirement of regions.
●Under low temp working condition, economizer is installed toimprove cooling capacity and COP.
●Intelligent control center with easy operation, which canautomatically record the operation parameters of the system.
Preventive safety and protection system is installed.
●Robust quality assurance system.



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