SPT41 CO2 Transcritical Piston Compressor

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RefComp SPT compressors are applicable for CO2 transcritical and subcritical cycles, including 21 models. Displacement: 4.4-25.5m3/h,power: 6- 40HP. The components are specifically designed for CO2, ensuring the high efficiency and stable operation of the compressor. SPT piston compressors are characterized by high efficiency, long durability and compact size.

Features of RefComp SPT Series CO2 transcritical and subcritical compressor:

Working pressure as high as 160bar, advanced design concept, high quality housing material selected to ensure the housing to meet the strength requirement.
Environment- friendly refrigerant CO2, advantageous in areas where the requirement for safety is high.
Evident environmental benefit.
Safety valve installed to prevent the pressure inside the housing from exceeding the safety threshold.
Built- in high density suction filter to remove the impurities of the refrigerant gas and protect the motor.
Reliable and efficient valve plate group design with valve plate made from impact resistant spring steel. Rapid and reliable gas exchange and long durability.
The sliding bearings are made of composite materials, providing reliable support for the moving components.
Motor protection module, to ensure the safe operation of the compressor.

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