SRC-S-785/885/985-EX Explosion-proof Screw Compressor

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The semi-hermetic explosion-proof screw compressor is applied in the middle/high-temperature refrigeration application field. This series of compressors is designed and tested in accordance with European standards  EN60335-2-34.  It complies  with  the explosion index and passes the test of the quality supervision and inspection department authorized by the state. And the product explosion proof certificate is gained. The proof mark is Exdibmb II BT4 Gb.

Therefore,for the use of regrigeration,it can be applied to the 1/2 area of the petroleum,chemical,metallurgy,pharmaceuticals,defense industry where exists the explosive gas mixture.

Refcomp semi-hermetic explosion-proof screw compressor:

SRC-S(EX)series-applicable to R22,R407C,R404A,R507 and other refrigerants,in total:18 models

134-S(EX)series-applicable to R134a refrigreant,in total:14 models






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