SRH-18 Open-type High Pressure Screw Compressor



SRH Series Open- type High- pressure Screw Compressors include 7 series totaling 14 models, displacement 25- 2770m3/h(2960RPM), designed pressure 6.3Mpa. The high pressure design of the compressor can be applied to high- temp heat pumpwith NH3, also applicable for CO2/NH3 cascade refrigeration system for the low- temp refrigeration
Features of SRH open-type high pressure screw compressor
●“I”type patented profile, best lobe ratio of 5+7, highefficiency.

Rotor is made of high-quality forged steel with micronmachining accuracy, rendering excellent overallmechanical properties, high strength, high wearresistance, and long durability.
The housing is made of high strength ductile ironin cylindrical structure, ensuring reliable pressurebearing capacity.
Innovative shaft seal. The wear- resistant sealing surface ismade of silicon carbide, rendering high reliability.
High wear- resistant coating for large load, highprecision and wear- resistant rolling bearings; thedesigned service life of 100 thousand hours.
Vi stepless control ensures high efficiency operation.
Stepless capacity control (10- 100%) with theproprietary technology of explosion- proof cylinder ofthe capacity control.
Integrated oil circuit: easy installation and low failurerate.

Comparison of Exhaust Volumes of Open-type High Pressure Screw Compressors


Application scope of SRH Open-type High Pressure Screw Compressor


Technical Parameters of SRH Open-type High Pressure Screw Compressor



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