SRS-1612 Semi-hermetic Compound Two-stage Screw Compressor

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SRS Semi-hermetic Two- stage Screw Compact Compressors include 5 models, displacement 141- 652m3/h  (50Hz),designed pressure 2.8Mpa. Compact structure, easy maintenance,  low vibration and noise, zero leak of refrigerant.The compressor is  applicable for R717. Vi can be controlled to ensure high- efficiency  operation under differentworking conditions.
Features of SRS semi-hermetic compound two-stage screw compressor
● “I”type patented profile, best lobe ratio of 5+7, highefficiency.
Tailor- made materials are specifically used for NH3.
Packaged  with the permanent magnet synchronousvariable frequency motor, which  regulates the rotorspeed to improve the operation efficiency of  thecompressor.
Vi is selectable to ensure high efficiency operationunder various working conditions.
Capacity control: step or stepless.
Double  cooling is achieved through both lubricant oilcirculation and  refrigerant injection to ensure the longtime, stable and high-  efficiency operation of the motor.

Comparison of Exhaust Volumes of Semi-hermetic Compound Two-stage Screw Compressors


Application Scope of SRS Semi-hermetic Compound Two-Stage Screw


Technical Data of SRS Semi-hermetic Compound Two-Stage Screw Compressor



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