SW5L-090/100/110 Screw Compressor

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RefComp SW5L is the newly designed semi-hermetic screw compressor with high efficiency and variable frequency,exclusively for the medium-low temperature range. Inlet temperature range: – 45 ℃ – +20 ℃ and outlet temperature range:+40℃ – +120℃ . This series include 20 models, with displacement range: 85- 850m3/h, nominal power range: 20HP- 250HP,various applicable freon refrigerants including R507A, R404A, R134a, R22 and R407C. This series can be widely applied toice storage projects, food quick freezing, marine refrigeration, low temperature storage, etc..
Product features
“I”type patented profile, lobe ratio: 5+7, high efficiency,smooth operation.
Rotor is made of high- quality forged steel, with high strengthand high wear- resistance.
More compact design: 10% shorter and 23% lower than SW3 Series.
Easily assembled or disassembled: suction/discharge shutoff valves can be installed on either side flexibly.
Adjustable internal volume ratio: the Vi can be adjustedto the ideal state in accordance to the operating conditionchanges, so that the compressor can achieve its max.operating efficiency.
Compressor includes multiple safety and protection devices,ensuring its long- term, safe, high- efficiency operation.
High- efficient variable frequency motor available upon request:the speed can be adjusted according to the load changes, andthe motor’s operating efficiency is improved accordingly.

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