Tube Ice Machine TIM200W(20T/D)

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Application field:
Food processing
Fishery processing
Meat processing
Supermarket and Logistic
Edible ice
Dye chemical industry
Concrete cooling industry
Product feature:
Special water system design to guarantee good ice quality, uniform thickness, transparent, impurity;
The design of ice evaporator is according to pressure vessel stardard. It is strong , safte and reliable;
Adopt high efficiency heat transfer tube to optimize the design of refrigeration system . It is stable operation and low breakdown;
Adopt double circuit ice doffing type, ice doffing fast , system impact small, more efficient and more safe;
The exterior insulation structure of evaporator,anti-corrosion, more energy save and production;
The part contact with ice is stainless steel , safe and sanitary
Full-automatic control , auto ice full stop;
Variety of production specification,variety of tube size to fulfill to different application;
Have CE(PED)ASME ceritificate, high indemnificatory;
Can match stainless steel screw conveying buffer , and automatic storage, packaging production line;
Beautiful shape, overall layout is reasonable, comprehensive details,excellent.

Working condition:
Power supply: full electric system complying with the general international standard
Stardard working condition of ice making: water supply temperature 20℃, ambient temperature 33℃
The applicable working condition: water supply temperature 0~35℃, ambient temperature 5~40℃
Refrigerant: R404A、R507A、R717
Performance Parameter:
Capacity of ice making: 20000kg/d
Condensing temperature: 43℃,evaporating temperature: -15℃; ice temperature: :-2℃
Diameter of tube ice: Ø29mm
Refrigerantion capacity: 132.3kW
Motor: 100 HP
Cold water pump: 1.1kW
Reducer power: 1.5kW
Air fan power: 1.5kW
Cooling pump:7.5kw
Running power consumption: 59.37kW
Installation power: 87.6kW
Water consumption: 916.6l/h
Cooling water consumption: 1183.5 l/h
Ice output dimension: 400×270mm
Weight: 7000kg
Overall dimension: L2620*W2450*H4290mm
(due to technical innovation, the parameter above will be some change, please contact our sales department if needful)


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