Unit-Box Packages

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Snowman use RefComp SP compressors for this series of units. The power range is 5- 20HP. Integrated box- type design renders the compact size, easy maintenance.

Features of Unit-Box Packages

Snowman’s accumulated experience in refrigeration system integration.
Worldwide brand compressors provide strong cooling capacity.
Worldwide brand air- cooling condenser.
Unified and robust quality assurance system covering from components, parts to whole units.
Applicable for R22, R507A, R404A, etc..
Units for both medium/high temp and low temp working conditions are available.
Mechanical- electrical integrated structure occupies less space and renders easy operation and maintenance.
Unique gas- liquid design to significantly reduce the liquid- strike damage caused by load fluctuation.
User- friendly design to make the replacement of quick- wear parts easy and maintenance cost low.


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