Flake Ice Machine F12A (1.2T/D)

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Food Processing
Fishery Processing
Fresh Preservation
Meat Processing
Medical Facilities
Environmental Engineering
Product Features:
High standards of evaporator, durability, safety and reliability;
Directly formed at low temperature, high efficiency;
Excellent design, stability and low breakdown rate;
Environment-friendly refrigerant, high efficiency and energy saving;
Full series of products for all applications;
Flake ice are dry, uniformity of thickness, and full capacity;
Full-automatic control;
Certificate CE(PED)/ASME;
With stainless steel or plastic storage, full series for selection;
Nice appearance with thorough to the last detail;

Design Conditions:
Power: International Standards
Standard Conditions: water inlet temperature 16℃, Ambient temperature: 25℃
Application Condition: water inlet temperature 0~35℃, Ambient temperature: 5~40℃
Thickness: 1.5~2.2mm, Outlet ice temperature: -5℃
Refrigerant: R404A or R507A
Performance Parameter
Capacity: 1200kg/d
Compressor Refrigeration Capacity: 7.34kW
Evaporating Temperature: -20℃
Condensing Temperature: 40℃
Reducer Power: 0.18KW
Water Pump Power: 0.014KW
Install Power: 4.694KW
Power Consumption: 4.434KW
Water Consumption: 50L/Hr.
Net Weight: 260Kg
Dimension: L1410*W935*H825mm
Ice Drop Diameter: 375mm
Model and specification can be subject to change without notice.


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